03 November 2009

Slackware root password reset

I install slackware 12.1 few month and lost root password. and I show you how reset root password.

- boot from Live cd look like new installation.

- mount to root partition "/" if not sure try what device.
#fdisk -l
#mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

- Now edit /etc/shadow it the best way to backup this file first.
#vi /mnt/etc/shadow

root:[set to blank]:14550:0:99999:7:::

and save by :wq

- take off you cd and reboot
- when login prompt type username as root and blank password.
- change root password with

I success with slackware 12.1 and I think it will work fine with other linux.

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  1. estou precisando de ajuda para trocar a senha;;;; eu sei a senha quero apenas trocala?